CNC technology (computerized numerical control) is a standard used in modern materials processing. Programs developed by the operators in G code are uploaded into the machine via operator panel or by a computer link. Ability of multiple running same program on a machine tool not only significantly speeds up the production process, but also provides high repeatability of a machined element.

Our service offers a professional assistance in solving problems with CNC machines:

  • diagnostics of a servodrives & drives units (emergency stop of an axis, spindle failure, erroneous position indication, problem with positioning)
  • diagnostics and repair of electronic servo components (motor, inverter, encoder, resolver)
  • diagnostics and repair of operator panels of cnc machines
  • diagnostic and repair faults related to a computer & processing units

We service cnc machines used in mechanical industry, armaments, furniture, catering, sewing, etc. of a manufacturers such asĀ  Biessege, Bridgeport, Brother Industries, Cassolin, Citizen, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Milacron, Siemens Sinumerik.

Our new service offer: I/O cards of YH CNC control system.

We are glad to announce, that our service offer has been expanded to the electronics of CNC Brother Industries Ltd. sewing machines.

Despite the already aged design, Bridgeport Interact 1 MK2 is still often used in CNC milling and valued for simplicity and reliability. It was primarily designed on SEM drives, that are no longer produced, so a good service is a must!

The first movie from a Star Wars saga has been produced in 1977. Those futuristic technology - from not so distant past - is a technology of today. It can be found amongst the devices serviced by our workshop. A latest repair of our workshop - Kuka robot for laser CNC machining & welding.