One of the basic profile of our activity is supporting the technical management companies engaged in maintenance of fleets and vessels. In this regard, we offer a wide offer for servicing, repair and inspection of marine automation and electronic devices.


We service a wide range of devices that are installed on seagoing marine vessels around the world. These devices are:

  • automation and control of main engines (MAN Wartisla Sulzer)
  • automation of auxiliary generators (MAN SYNPOL)
  • monitoring systems (NORCONTROL VISTA)
  • boiler automation (SAACKE)
  • cargo cranes (BLM NMF)
  • fire protection systems
  • thrusters

Services related to sea electronics and automation are provided solely via the company Marcontrel sp. z o. o.

Controlled pitch propellers is an unique design, that allows running main engine with constant RPMs, while the speed vector is maintaned by moving a propeller's pitch into a desired direction. One of a system that controls CPP operation is a LIPS from PropTech.

Alfa Laval Viscochief VCU 160 (Viscosity Control Unit) is the main component  controlling the viscosity of the fuel supply to the main engine of the ship.

Alfa Laval purifiers are often encountered in industrial installations.

Anti-heeling systems are used in the marine vessel for leveling balance.

Ensuring adequate means of communication on ships has a significant impact on the safety of the crew.

One of the elements that affect the proper operation of the main engines of ships are the parameters of the fuel. Purified heavy fuel - due to its high viscosity at low temperatures - must be pre-heated to decrease the viscosity.

Our workshop has a dedicated diagnostic station for diagnosis & testing of control units for GEA (Westfalia Separators) purifiers.

Service and commisioning work on E/V NAUTILUS are over. Nautilus and its crew have just leaved Port Of Tampa on Florida and is heading on her next exploration mission.

E/V Nautilus has a huge exploration achievements. Did You know, that it's her crew had located a wreckage of famous Titanic, and the giant german nazi's Bicmarck fregate? Have a look what are they up to now!


Did you know that Rolls-Royce - a brand with over 100 years traditions - is not only the brand for luxury cars, but also the heavy industry? Rolls-Royce supplies complex solutions of a ship systems like thrusters and steering gears! Just recently our service repaired the steering gear machine model RV850.