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Modern, microprocessor controlled inverters are equipped with extensive mechanisms of self-diagnosis. These diagnostic systems:

  • check the correct operation of a functional blocks inside the inverter
  • supervise in a real time conditions the operating parameters (power supply, inverter & converter circuits, load, etc) to ensure the inverter is operating in a safe operation area

In case of a faulty operation of the inverter, very often an alarm is raised on an operator's panel with an error code. That provides an information leading to possible causes of a fault. The following table summarizes the error codes for Danfoss inverters:


  • Danfoss VLT 4006 - 4072 VT (380-460V)
  • Danfoss VLT 4006 - 4032 VT (200-240V)
  • Danfoss VLT 4006 - 4072 VT (550-600V)
  • Danfoss VLT 5001 - 5062 (380-500V)
  • Danfoss VLT 5001 - 5027 (200-240V)
  • Danfoss VLT 5001 - 5062 (550-600V)
  • Danfoss VLT 6002 - 6072 (380-460V)
  • Danfoss VLT 6002 - 6032 (200-240V)
  • Danfoss VLT 6002 - 6072 (550-600V)
  • Danfoss VLT 8006 - 8072 AQUA (380-460V)
  • Danfoss VLT 8006 - 8032 AQUA (200-240V)
  • Danfoss VLT 8002 - 8072 AQUA (550-600V)
1 Under 10 Volts (10 VOLT LOW) YES    
2 Live zero fault (LIVE ZERO ERROR) YES YES  
3 No motor (NO MOTOR) YES    
4 Mains failure (MAINS PHASE LOSS) YES YES


5 Voltage warning high (DC LINK VOLTAGE HIGH) YES    
6 Voltage warning low (DC LINK VOLTAGE LOW) YES    
7 Overvoltage (DC LINK OVERVOLT) YES YES  
8 Undervoltage (DC LINK UNDERVOLT) YES YES  
9 Inverter overloaded (INVERTER TIME) YES YES  
10 Motor overloaded (MOTOR TIME) YES YES  
11 Motor thermistor (MOTOR THERMISTOR) YES YES  
12 Current limit (CURRENT LIMIT) YES YES  
13 Overcurrent (OVERCURRENT)   YES YES
14 Earth fault (EARTH FAULT)   YES YES
15 Switch mode fault (SWITCH MODE FAULT)   YES YES
16 Short circuit (CORR. SHORT CIRCUIT)   YES YES
17 Serial communication timeout (STD BUSTIMEOUT) YES YES  
18 HP fieldbus timeout (HPFB TIMEOUT) YES YES  
19 Fault in EEPROM on control card YES    
20 Fault in EEPROM on power card YES    
21 Auto-optimization OK (AUTO MOTORADAPT OK)   YES  
22 Auto motor adaptation fault (AMA FAULT)   YES  
23 Brake test failed (BRAKE TEST FAILED) YES    
25 Brake resistor short circuit  (BRAKE RESISTOR FAULT) YES    
26 Brake resistor power 100% (BRAKE POWER 100%) YES YES  
27 Brake transistor short circuit (BRAKE IGBT FAULT) YES    
29 Heat sink temperature too high (HEAT SINK OVERTEMP)   YES  
30 Motor phase U missing (MISSING MOT. PHASE U)   YES  
31 Motor phase V missing (MISSING MOT. PHASE V)   YES  
32 Motor phase W missing (MISSING MOT. PHASE W)   YES  
34 HPFB fieldbus communication fault (HPFB COMM. FAULT) YES YES  
35 Out of frequency range  (OUT FREQ RNG/ROT LIM) YES    
36 Main AC input power fail  (MAINS FAILURE) YES YES  
37 Inverter fault (GATE DRIVE FAULT)   YES YES
39 Check params 104 i 106 (CHECK P.104 & P.106) YES    
40 Check params 103 i 105 (CHECK P.103 & P.106) YES    
41 Motor too large (MOTOR TOO BIG) YES    
42 Motor too small (MOTOR TOO SMALL) YES    
43 Brake fault (BRAKE FAULT)   YES YES
60 Safety stop (EXTERNAL FAULT)   YES YES
61 Output frequency low  (FOUT<FLOW) YES    
62 Output frequency high (FOUT>FHIGH) YES    
63 Output current low (IMOTOR<ILOW) YES YES  
64 Output current highi (IMOTOR>IHIGH) YES    
65 Feedback low (FEEDBACK<FDB LOW) YES    
66 Feedback hgh (FEEDBACK>FDB HIGH) YES    
67 Reference low (REF.<REF.LOW) YES    
68 Reference high (REF.>REF.HIGH) YES    
69 Temperature auto derate (TEMP. AUTO DERATE) YES    
99 Alarm unknown (UNKNOWN ALARM)    YES  YES

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