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Micromotor N20 DC 6V 1:250

Brand: Other
Product Code: MICROMOTN20-250V6
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 9.50g
Dimensions: 35.00mm x 12.00mm x 10.00mm

Price: 18.45‎€
Ex Tax: 15.00‎€

Commutation type: brush

Rated voltage: 6V DC

Rated current: 0,12 A

Locked current: 0,2 A

Speed: 10-2000 RPM

Gear output speed: 60 RPM

Gear: metal, ratio 1:250

Rated torque: 1 kg/cm

Locked motor torque: 7 kg/cm

Length: 35 mm

Outer shaft length: 10mm

Weigth: 9.5 gram

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