Since 2003 we are continuously operating on the market of electronics, electrical and industries automation. With a team of highly skilled engineers with extensive experience we successfully deal with the most difficult tasks to be undertaken, for both Polish and foreign customers.


In the field of process automation and control w provide following services:

  • repair and modernization of production lines
  • design and implementation of process control for industry automation
  • service of electronics and automation machinery and equipment

With extensive experience in the field of automation, we are able to provide comprehensive services in this area. These include not only the current repairs and maintenance of production & technology lines, but also modernization and expansion of their functionality. Analysis of issues related to the technology process allows us to design and implement algorithms of control. Our activities are not only limited to the replacement of defective and often expensive equipment with new ones. Knowing well the issue of electronics, we are able to successfully repair them.


The needs to develop solutions for industrial electronics occurs most often when:

  • old technology fails and the spare parts are no longer available on a market, or
  • there is a need for the custom solution

Due to the very rapid and dynamic development of the market of electronic components, they used to be replaced by the next generations, characterized by greater processing capabilities. Over time, the old components are no longer available in the market and maintaining continuity of production becomes a problem. After a thorough analysis of the issues we develop alternative solutions based on new technology, so that the continuity of production is maintained.

Knowing the needs of the market, looking for a reliable and proven solutions, we successfully introduce our products. An example of such is a group of modules interfacing Velux devices to the KNX intelligent building network.


Establishing cooperation with Marcontrel sp. z o. o. since we are in the market made maritime industry one of the most important directions of our business. We service a wide range of devices installed on marine vessels in use around the world:

  • automation and control of main engines (MAN, Wartisla Sulzer)
  • automation of auxiliary engines and power sharing management (MAN, SYNPOL)
  • monitoring & surveillance systems (NORCONTROL, VISTA)
  • boilers automation (SAACKE)
  • cargo cranes (BLM, NMF)
  • fire alarm systems
  • steering gear & CPP systems
  • thrusters