Automation and industrial electronics are one of the basic components of a modern technological lines, machines and other equipment. They are used wherever an automatic control and supervision of a process may improve an efficiency and quality of a production process.
Professional repair of industrial electronics is the vasic profile of our service. Our offer is addressed mainly to maintenance manager of a production plants, to whom we offer a comprehensive care of electronics and automation of their production lines. Our service in the field of industrial electronic offers:

  • diagnostics & troubleshooting of electronics and automation of a production lines (including technical autits, periodic inspection and maintenance)
  • maintenance and repair of a power electronic systems (emergency power stations, UPS, power generators, power management systems)
  • repair of electronic devices: drivers, controllers, computers, operators panels & monitors, sensors, inverters, diagnosis equipment, etc.
  • support in the selection and purchase of parts and components of electronics and industrial automation
  • development and implementation of replacements for a hard to reach, obsolete or very expensive products (cards, electronic modules)
  • development services in the field of industrial automation (PLC controllers, HMI operator panels, inverters, sensors, transducers, regulators, etc.):
    • programming and adaptation
    • backup & archiving
    • functional changes to the software

We know, that one of the most important factors determinig success is the proper maintenance of a high-performance machines. Therefore, we believe, that a key to success is a close co-operation with a professional service of electronics and industrial automation, that knowing the client's needs and specifics of a production process will keep the production line in a top performance - and in the event of failure will provide a fast and professional assistance.



Service offer - diagnosis and repair of electronic inverter welders (Kemppi, etc.)

In our service we perform repairs of a control module for stepper motors RS342-051. This module is uniersal, compact solution for all kinds of machines and equipment driven by stepper motors. We invite you to use our services!

Our service repairs control modules of one of the world's largest suppliers strapping machines - StraPack. We invite you to use our services.

PI / PID CLORIUS regulators are often used in the temperature control systems.

Wind generators are one of the most popular sources of "green energy". Their work is controlled by automation systems supervising the proper functioning of the mechanical design of a powerful fan in changing weather conditions, protecting it from damage, that may lead to disaster.

In our workshop we repair ELAP CM76H1SC7018 family controllers.