Technology of a smart, intelligent buildings is the idea of convenience and ergonomics. This idea of a modern system solution that offers almost unlimited opportunities to pursue the vision of the future user and the system developers. If in time - for any reason - we wish to change our ideas - we meet them without troublesome electrical work.

Despite the huge amount of offered solutions to the developers and integrators of intelligent buildings, they may face with problems, for which market does not offer a solution neither the product. Together with them we set the target goals and create the vision having You in mind.


We have developed a group of products for the integration of a Velux actuators & drives to the intelligent building systems:

  • KMG100 window actuator
  • KMG100K integra window actuator
  • SML100 blind drive

Our universal solution interfaces a Velux drives wih anything You want (KNX, LCN, LOXONE, etc.). MORE DETAILS MAY BE FOUND CLICKING HERE.

Take an advantage of the new features offered by  VNX ADVANCED modules with VNX SETUP TOOL.

We are introducing a new generation of modules VNX ADVANCED for Velux exterior blinds, enriched with a new possibilites.

SEDtronic company has become our official distributor of VNX units for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

SEDtronics develops on a basis of popular modules - like Arduino - an automation control solutions for intelligent building systems.

Integrators of intelligent buildings technologies often face the problem of incorporation of Velux window systems to the design. The genuine products are designed to operate with non popular "io control". We have developed a group of product that addresses the problems of integration.

Interfacing of a Velux KMG100K window actuator (Integra type) to an intelligent building system installation (KNX, LCN, LOXONE, ETC).

Interfacing of a Velux SML100 blind to an intelligent building system installation (KNX, LCN, LOXONE, etc.)



Interfacing of a Velux KMG100 window actuator to an intelligent building system installation (KNX, LCN, etc.)