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Take an advantage of the new features offered by  VNX ADVANCED modules with VNX SETUP TOOL.

The new generation of VNX ADVANCED modules replaced a VNX-B series. One of the new features introduced in the ADVANCED series is the ability to change the default settings of the module and providing Your own configuration, depending on the actual needs. A built-interminal feature into VNX ADVANCED allows in a simple and easy way a re-programming default operation parameters - such as a limit torque values. In order to connect a PC to the terminal service, the VNX SETUP TOOL interface is required.


Configuration interface VNX SETUP TOOL becomes handy, if You would like to change default settings and provide Your own. You may:

  • increase the torque limit values for either direction (if the blind elements slides harder than usual and with the default settings the blind do not fully open or close)
  • reduce the limit torque value (if You would like to reduce the stress on the blind elements, whenever the blind slides smoothly)


We focus on a simple and reliable solutions. Hardware of our interface is based on a very popular chip produced by FTDI, FT232. Widely available drivers for many PC operating systems make it universal - it can work either under Windows or Linux.


From the application's side, the VNX SETUP TOOL does not require any special software. The only thing You need is an application that supports the terminal connection. A Putty is a very popular one for the Windows operating system, while You may use Minicom under Linux.

PRICE: 30 EUR  (+VAT if applicable)

We encourage You to download the manual for our interface. There You will find a step-by-step connection setup and the description of the termian and its functionality: