Motors and encoders form one of the basic components of modern machines. The're used everywhere, wherever it is important to specify the exact position of a driven mechanisms -in CNC machining, robotics that supports production lines, and even drives as large as the main engines of ships - for instance engines Wartsila RTFlex with a power exceeding 40MW and substituting camshafts.


Encoder allows precisely check:

  • the position of the mechanism (in the case of the absolute encoder), or
  • the amount  of steps counted (in the case of incremental encoders)

The encoder resolution is the amount of recognized position for one rotation of axis. The more positions per revolution encoder can recognize - the higher its resolution is (and hence - the price).

The older CNC machines were equipped with encoders with relatively low-resolution - from  tens - up to a hundred and tens per revolution. Their resolution was "multiplied" through the gears, gear ratio is multiplied by the encoder resolution. Nowadays encoders are characterized by incredible precision and  can recognize 100 000 positions per revolution - giving accuracy of 360/10 ^ 5 = ~ 0.004 degree.

Designers working on themanufacturing process of such an encoders are facing real challenges. Maintenance of such a device outside manufacturer's laboratory is nearly impossible.


Motors used in drives can be of a different types:

  • asynchronous - of a very simple design (and low cost), and the disadvantage of decreasing the torque especially at low speed,
  • step motors - having the highest torque, but relatively slow and consuming huge amounts of energy
  • dc motors - providing high torque in a wide RPM range, but require more sophisticated electronic devices that support generators of the electromagnetic field for the motor


Due to the prices of these devices - often reaching several thousand euros - it is important to conduct a proper diagnosis  & troubleshooting of a drive, which consists a motor unit, encoder and the inverter.

In our offer we will not stick to a certain producers, as there are really many of them.. As an experienced engineers very well in cope of the constructions and principles we offer:

  • diagnostics of electric motors
  • diagnostics of encoders (rotary, linear)
  • diagnostics and repair of electronic units that controls the drive

We invite you to use our services!

Silniki i enkodery tworzą jeden z podstawowych zespołów współczesnych maszyn. Występują wszędzie tam, gdzie ważne jest precyzyjne określenie położenia napędzanych przez nie mechanizmów - urządzeniach obróbki mechanicznej CNC czy robotyce obsługującej linie produkcyjne, a nawet w napędach tak dużych, jak główne napędy statków - na przykład silniki Wartsila RTFlex o mocy przekraczającej 40MW (na zdjęciu), zastępując w nich wały rozrządu.
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