VNX-ADV module is compatible with VELUX® SML100 exterior blind actuator drive. It allows easy interfacing the drive to a wide variety of an intelligent building systems (i.e. KNX, LCN, Loxone, MODBUS)

The control of the module is very simple and uses a pair of wires only. Depending on the applied power polarity, the VNX-ADV module closes or opens the blind. The motion of the drive is constantly supervised by the module, which automatically switches off the drive once the end position is detected. This solution enables integration with any chosen intelligent building system - our module has already proven itself in such systems as KNX, LCN, Loxone or MODBUS.

These modules offer a very precise configuration of the upper limit of torque at which the drive is switched off (overload or reaching the end position), in the range from 0 to 3500. The modules are pre-programmed with a default value of 1650, which is fine in most cases. While installation of the module, You can enter Your own settings for up and down movement respectively. The programming is carried out via the VNX SETUP TOOL that connects to the built-in terminal, which allows instant and repeatable configuration between the modules at the stage of their installation.

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If You're interested more into the module operation, we encourage You to read in the details of how to integrate the VELUX® drives using a VNX modules.

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This product comply with IEC 63044-3 standard.


Any alteration made to the VELUX® products using our units voids VELUX® warranty. You are asked to remove the CE-marking from the modified VELUX® product, as when modified, it is no longer in force. Removing the rain sensor creates a risk of water damage. Your installation has to be protected against unexpected movement and provide a safety against entrapment and meet other requirements in accordance with applicable regulations.

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