Repair Your Dinverter Control Techniques inverter in a professional workshop for industrial automation. Get one year service warranty.

We perform diagnostics and repairs of a following Dinverter Control Techniques inverters:

  • Control Techniques DIN1220025A Dinverter .25kW
  • Control Techniques DIN1220037A Dinverter .37kW
  • Control Techniques DIN1220055A Dinverter .55kW
  • Control Techniques DIN1220075A Dinverter .75kW
  • Control Techniques DIN1220075B Dinverter .75kW
  • Control Techniques DIN1220150B Dinverter 1.5kW
  • Control Techniques DIN1220220B Dinverter 2.2kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3220075B Dinverter .75kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3220075B Dinverter .75kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3220150B Dinverter 1.5kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3220220B Dinverter 2.2kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3380075B Dinverter .75kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3380110B Dinverter 1.1kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3380150B Dinverter 1.5kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3380220B Dinverter 2.2kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3380300B Dinverter 3kW
  • Control Techniques DIN3380400B Dinverter 4kW
  • Control Techniques DINI220025A Dinverter .25kW

Diagnostics codes and error tables


Inverter modes

Status mode no flashing normal operation
Any mode flashing warning (but running)
Trip mode flashing tripped

Inverter states

DISPLAY Dinverter output Drive conditions
rdy disabled ready for operation
(number or text not given) enabled Motor under control by drive and may be rotating
inh disabled Drive inhibited
dEC enabled Deceleration by a brake command
trP disabled Tripped
dc enabled DC injection on a stop command

Warning table

OUL Overload of motor, approaching i*t motor trip unless load reduced
hot Overtemperature of a heatsink


Error codes

DISPLAY Value via serial read Drive trip conditions
UU 1 DC undervoltage
OU 2 DC overvoltage
OI 3 Instantaneous overcurrent
PS 4 Power supply
Et 5 External trip
O.SP 6 Overspeed
It 7 Motor i*t overload
cL 8 Current loop loss
Oh2 9 Heatsink overtemperature
EEF 10 EEPROM error
th 11 Motor thermistor overtemperature
Er1 12 Load current offset too great at power up
Er2 13 Microprocessor oscillator faulty
Er3 14 Microprocessor software not functioning correctly
Er4  15 Keypad button depressed at power up
t16 to t99 16 - 99 User trips


Parameter comparison of DINVERTER drives

Parameter Description Default
Pr0 Min frequency 0Hz
Pr1 Max frequency 50Hz
Pr2 Acceleration time 5s/120Hz
Pr 3 Deceleration time 10s/120Hz
Pr 4 Timed current limit 150%
Pr 5 Max const current 100%
Pr 6 Torque (voltage) boost 5,1%
Pr 7 Slip compensation 0Hz
Pr 8 DC injection brake current 150%
Pr 9 Serial address 11
Pr A Fault log blank
Prb Security code 0
b0 Torque or speed reference selector 1=speed
b1 Keypad auto/manual start selector 1=manual
b2 Stopping mode selector 0=standard ramp
b3 Low speed torque boost selector 0=auto
b4 Bipolar ref 1=unipolar. With the addition of the SE51 option card, a bipolar speed input is achievable
b5 Logic selector n/a
b6 Speed reference selector 0
b7 Stopping mode selector 0=standard ramp
b8 Display mode selector 0=frequency
b9 Terminal/keypad select 1=terminal
b10 Display time-out mode 0
b11 Remote reference input selector 4-20mA
b12 Baud rate selector 4.8
b13 Parameter reset 0
b14 Switching frequency 2.9kHz
Prc Voltage/frequency profile 50Hz
Prd Menu access Brak
Pr10 Skip frequency 1 0Hz
Pr11 Skip frequency 2 0Hz
Pr12 Skip frequency 3 0Hz
Pr13 Skip freq. band 1 0.5Hz
Pr14 Skip freq. band 2 0.5Hz
Pr15 Skip freq. band 3 0.5Hz
Prd10-20 Menu access  
Pr20 Preset speed 1 0Hz
Pr21 Preset speed 2 0Hz
Pr22 Preset speed 3 0Hz
Pr23 Preset speed 4 0Hz
Pr24 Preset speed 5 0Hz
Pr25 Preset speed 6 0Hz
Pr26 Preset speed 7 0Hz
Pr27 Jog speed 1,5Hz
b20 Preset speed selector 0=3 presets and jog
b21 Preset ram selector 0
b22 Preset speed reversal selector 0
b23 Preset ramp selector 0
b24-b25 Analog output selector 0 Frequency
b26 Curent loop loss 0=trip on loss
b27 Normal running ramp selector 0
b28 PI control selector 0
Prd20-30 Menu access  
Pr30 Preset 1 accel 5s
Pr31 Preset 2 accel 5s
Pr32 Preset 3 accel 5s
Pr33 Preset 4 accel 5s
Pr34 Preset 5 accel 5s
Pr35 Preset 6 accel 5s
Pr36 Preset 7 accel 5s
Pr37 Jog accel 5s
Prd 30-40 Menu acess  
Pr40 Preset 1 decel 10s
Pr41 Preset 2 decel 10s
Pr42 Preset 3 decel 10s
Pr43 Preset 4 decel 10s
Pr44 Preset 5 decel 10s
Pr45 Preset 6 decel 10s
Pr46 Preset 7 decel 10s
Pr47 Jog decel 0.2
Prd40-50 Menu access  
Pr50 Number of reset attempts 0
Pr51 Reset delay 1s
b50 Status relay selector 0=drive healthy
b51 fwd/rev key selector 0=disable
b52 Synchronize to a spinning motor selector 0=disable
b53 Status output selector 0=drive running
b54 Voltage to frequency ratio selector 0=fixed V/F
b55 Stop/reset selector 0
b56 Deceleration selector for non important trips 0
Pr60 Power rating of drive  
Pr61 Software version number  
Pr62-Pr63 Duration of drive running time  
Pr64 DC bus braking level 750



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